“Grant me this boon, O Lord ! That I may never be afraid from doing good deeds”

Scheme of Studies

There are not formal written Entrance Tests for classes Nursery to Prep and class I. Written Entrance Tests are conducted for class II to IX.


Pre-Primary Education

At Pre-stage a child learns through joyful activities. And, therefore, there must not be any formal evaluation. Even the remedial measures are to be made to appear as a part of the learning process without making children conscious of it. The School follows No Homework-No Examination System, for classes Nursery to Prep.


Classes I & II

Children at this level are at a formative stage where the pace of learning and personality development are quite fast. Evaluation at this stage is therefore, formative in nature with adequate emphasis on both continuity and comprehensiveness. Students are not evaluated by formal examination system, instead by using observations and oral techniques on the basis of their participation in Classroom Activities and Worksheets.


Classes III & V

In these classes there is a slight shift in evaluation in that it becomes formal, students know when they are tested with continued observation and oral techniques.


Classes VI & VIII

English, Hindi, Sanskrit/Punjabi (Gurmukhi Script), Mathematics, Social Science, General Science, Value Education, General Knowledge, Drawing, Craft, Dance, Music, N.C.C. Band, Girl Guide, Computer Science, Physical and Health Education & Life Skills.


Classes IX & X

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Integrated Social Science, Work Experience, Physical and Health Education, Value Education, General Knowledge, Art, Dance, Music, Computer Science and Environmental Education.


Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) : As per CBSE norms, teaching, evaluation and curriculum is set for all classes. Students are helped during school time by the subject teachers for their projects, assignments and file work.


Classes XI & XII

a) Compulsory subjects : English (Core), General Studies, Physical and Health Education & Work Experience

b) Optional Subjects :


Science Stream Commerce Stream Arts Stream
Physics, Chemistry Accountancy, Business Studies/ Hindi
Biology / Maths/ Economics History
Physical Education/ Maths / Home Science / Food Production Political Science
Informatics Practices Physical Education/ Home Science
N.C.C. Informatics Practices Food Production


Subjects will be allotted purely on the basis of merit and availability of seats in a particular stream/subject.